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- How to Clean Your Pillows
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- 8 Little Changes That Will Make You Happier

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1. Use your cash to help others If you are one of those who earn a lot but don't know what to do with those bucks, give others. I know, Undergraduate Programmes for International Students what you think, 'I work hard each day and now I should give my money away.' Yup, you should if you want to feel happier. Believe it or not, giving makes us feel happy. Try once and you won't stop. Besides, you don't give money for entertainment. You help someone in need. If you don't have money. Offer your help without waiting for anything in return. 2. Believe in karma Stop looking for revenge. It's hard to forgive and let go. When I was younger, I spent two years thinking of all the possible ways to hurt my ex and my ex BFF who had an affair behind my back. I regret it… truly regret. I wasted my precious time. I didn't do anything to PolyU continues to impart the knowledge and skills of our future leaders to serve an evolving world and to spur economic growth. With the structural transformation of the global economy from industrial to service economies, the society’s expectations of future leaders have been remarkably changed hurt them because I'm not they. I'm better. I'm wiser. But karma did its job. Both of them aren't lucky in love, while I'm so happy with my sweetheart. No matter what happened, never try to revenge. Don't waste your time. Karma will do it for you. 3. Connect with nature Now that the fall season is here, why not connect with nature? Regardless of how successful you are, your soul strives to be closer to nature. 20-minute walk in the park or a day spent near the forest/mountain/ocean is a simple way to become closer to nature. You'll feel that invisible power that nature has and you'll start feeling much happier, truly happier. Money provides temporary happiness, while nature brings happiness into your life for good. 4. Say nothing negative Get rid of the habit of saying negative about yourself and people around you. This way, you spread negativity that affects people's lives. Say nothing negative today, tomorrow, for a week, for a month and see how happy you and people around you will become. Spread positivity and happiness will find you itself. 5. Stop caring You have everything you want in life but all those opinions, rumors and gossips prevent you from being truly happy. Just stop caring about what others say and do, even if others are people you love. No matter what you do, there are people who will always rate you, dislike you, and try to break you. Stay strong. Listen to yourself, not to their opinions. It's your life. Do what your heart tells you to do. 6. Invest in your happiness More and more people refuse to take a vacation because they strive to make more money to buy things that can actually kill them instead of making them happy. Do you really need that new smartphone or huge TV? Rather than invest in the things, invest in your happiness. Vacation, a short road trip or a weekend camping is what you need right now to relax and feel happier again. 7. Do what you really want to do right now Want to spend the whole day sleeping? Do it! Want to start meditating but you are afraid that your parents or QV Baby cream husband will think you are crazy? Who cares? Do it! Don't want to work today? Then, why are you still in the office? Life is short so do whatever makes you happy today, each day. 8. Reward yourself If you stick to a diet or you work 9-8 each day, reward yourself. Indulge in a glass of wine, a piece of cake or your favorite ice cream once in a while. You deserve it. If you want to sleep in in the morning, feel free to hit that snooze button three times or more. Of course, you can't do it each day, but following the rules without breaking them occasionally will never make you feel truly happy. Listen to yourself. What does your soul strive? Between running all day like a hamster in a wheel and trying to please everyone, find time for yourself. Stop for a minute to figure out what change you have to make today to feel happier tomorrow. Don't let doubt have place in your heart. Doubt is your worst enemy. Are you truly happy?

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